Staying in motion

One of the essential ingredients for mental balance is to stay psychologically in motion.

Not a hectic movement which would be anxiety inducing, neither stagnation which would nurture feelings of doom and depression.

A quiet, constant feel of moving somehow keeps us curious, keeps us alive.


The "Classic Three" mental distortions

Life can feel pretty heavy at times....

And even the circumstances might be really hard, it is often worth to watch out for the three mental distortions. The "Classic Three", as we say in Psychology, when someone feels depressed.

If you therefore find yourself thinking something along the lines: "I hate myself"... "The world is against me" ... "And this will never ever change", then it smells like Depression. The best one can do iin such a situation is to consult a Mental Health Professional.

Cause there is no point in meaningless suffering...


Low phase - Nothing to feel ashamed about

Feeling low or even depressed is nothing to feel ashamed about. Quite on the contrary it mostly indicates a period of growth.


Simply because it means that one is faced with a challenge that needs personal development in order to master it. The person doesn`t possess these necessary skills yet. That is why he or she feels overwhelmed. But this is just temporary. The protagonist is on the way of growth and hence on it`s way to master it.

This view doesn`t make the actual path less painful, nor does it shorten the path, but puts things into perspective. And it shows that indeed low phases in life are nothing to feel ashamed about.

The soon upcoming Single (on 26.03.) will have this content as a topic as well...  


Deep human connections heal

Not money or fame make us happy, but the quality and depth of our relationships.

This very interesting result was found in a longterm study which followed various participants over a timeframe of 75 years. Those who were in loving  relationships didn`t only live longer, but they were also overall healthier and less prone to conditions like Dementia. Lonelyness or bad quality relationships (like broken marriages or abusive liasions) on the other hand seemed to have the opposite, hence toxic effect.

The government of the UK therefore apparently has made the right move to initiate the first Minister for Lonelyness in our Postmodern world. And also for us, the average world citizen, it is seemingly a worthwhile undertaking to invest a bit more into the people closely surrounding us. 

More about this matter at the TED talk led by Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger and the New York Times.


Breaks from your Smartphone

Checking your beloved Smartphone too often can increase Anxiety and Panic episodes.

Something that has been investigated more often recently. And something that I can whitness first hand with various clients.

Therefore observing the scene around you or focussing on your bodily sensations instead, (while for instance waiting for the train or in any other moments of downtime), helps the Psyche to reenergize and ground itself. So it`s worth giving it a try. Even the eventually upcoming boredom can be worth observing for a while. 

More about these Mindfulness techniques can be found in any kind of Zen Literature (like Shunryu Suzuki, Alan Watts etc.) or Online Relaxation Tools like "Headspace".

And apart from that... Have you never wondered what you might be actually missing out on while staring at the screen?


Good Movie

I hope everyone made it solid through the turn of the year, more or less...

Here is something to smile at the beginning of 2018. One of my favorite movies, "Shrink" (2009) with Kevin Spacey as the burned out Psychologist.

And the ultimate scene is probably where the Psychologist gets Counseling by his Drug dealer in the back seat of an old Mercedes Benz.

Check it out if you haven`t watched it yet. 




X-Mas kommt...

Noch 10 Tage bis Weihnachten... Another 10 days till X-Mas. The countdown has started...

Symbol of happiness and joy for some and peak period for Depression and feelings of lonelyness for others. According to various surveys 45 percent of the US population dreads the Christmas season.

Therefore if you belong to this group try not to put too much meaning into that day. X-Mas doesn`t symbolize how popular you are on the social Charts neither is it the best day to become "existential" . Avoiding therefore too much selfreflection and in case you don`t know where to spend X-Mas yet, it might be wise to think about options already. Uniting for instance with people who might also end up alone that day could be an elegant solution...

In diesem Sinne Frohe Weihnachten Euch allen/ Merry X-Mas



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