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Phoenix Jubilaeum - Danke an Alle!

Today, exactly 1.5 years ago my video "Phoenix (Magere Jahre)" has been released. Therefore, I'd like to use today's date once more to thank you all who have been involved with the creation and production of this video.


Aside from all the fun we had during shooting and editing this piece, without you all, it would have not become that great.


And without you all, it would have not been played on MTV Austria, Germany and Switzerland, which it actually was. We made it into MTV! So thanks again to each one of you!



会社員 (Business Woman): @Hiromi Yoshida

ラーメン店主 (Ramen Cook): 羽田真 Makoto Hada

ホームレス (Homeless Man): 佐藤ザンス Zansu Satoh

YOPPARAI (Drunken Men):

竹田哲朗 Tetsuro Takeda

大門嵩 Takashi Okado

永尾麟ノ介 Rinnosuke Nagao

フィットネスティーチャー (Fitness Teacher)

高橋一哲 Ittetsu Takahashi

フィットネスの生徒 (Fitness Students)

松島里花 Rika Matusima and Extras

会社同僚 (Company Workers):

白畑真逸 Shinichi Shirahata

白石哲也 Tetsuya Shiraishi

ラーメン屋の客 (Ramen-Restaurant Guests):

倉田奈純 Nazumi Kurata

名倉香林 Karin Nagura

会社同僚 (Ramen-Restaurant Co-Worker): 吉田晃浩 Akihiro Yoshida

Phoenix - Child: Oto Takebayashi


Screenplay & Storyboard:

R. Rehahn (Basic Story), Nicc & Sodane Films

Creative Director: R. Rehahn []

Filmed and Edited in Tokyo / Japan by Sodane Films []

Vocal Recording: Thomas Bianco []

Guitar and Recording: Atsushi Sato []

Mastered in Germany by Studioexport / Lennart Jeschke []

Thanks for the translation of this post into Japanese Yuka Hashimoto